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Austine Ogutu ·

2 months ago


joy mukite (JM) · There's a lie that's being perpetuated with regards to life. No one owes you anything. Not your family, fake friends, not your neighborhood. Once we learn to accept this and be assertive In life then we can acquire basic survival skills. Life is a journey that we are given option ...

2 months ago

Transformative power of travel

Maryanne Mwangi ·

2 months ago


Sylvia Amollo · An initiative in partnership with an international business system, providing coaching and mentorship platform helping dream driven and forward thinking individuals have access to opportunities in the world....

3 months ago

Weekend is here hurry 😁

Kalekye Mwende · Is make up your life ,what about going out with friends, hiking ,road trip and mountain 🏔️ clipping then go for it.Today is an weekend let's go for what we love the best .Those who don't have plans for weekend some Netflix and chill would be the best for you.Or sleeping like me 😂 ...

4 months ago
5 months ago


Ciku Christine · when i was young i used to think like a kid like at 30 will be happily married,with kids,a sweet home,driving my own car but now things are so different from how i used to think. It is ok for you at start again and to keep on fighting,life is a teacher and we learn everyday.never ...

7 months ago

Happy 😃

Elizabeth Maina · You must learn to be happy as you for you to find fulfillment in life. Happiness should always come from within you because if you rely on external factors to smile, you'll end up disappointed. Learn not to panic in any situation but relax, compose yourself and set your mind free ...

9 months ago

How to maintain relationships.

Tracy Nthiga · Being in a relationship dating for centuries. Researchers have proven that in the past, humans used to interact as there where evolving. · In this article, I will highlight how to maintain relationships in our lives to promote the spirit of togetherness in the present day. · Huma ...

10 months ago

Jeniffer Naisiae Sayagie

Jeniffer Sayagie · Your lifestyle sometimes determines your health. Despite the ups and downs in life, one should be able to take care of themselves in terms of the food they consume( healthy foods are important for your body), the air they breath, whatever they feed into their minds and also the d ...

11 months ago


Isaiah Bulali · POISON THAT KILLS MEN · Once upon a time a beautiful girl got tired of her marriage life and wanted to murder her spouse. · One morning she ran to her mother and say to her " mother, I am tired of my husband I can no longer support his nonsense. I want to kill him but I am afraid ...

1 year ago


Felicia Wambua · If asked to define life I would say MYSTERY. This is simply because life to me has no definition as we live each day on the mercies of the Most High. · To me life has been full of learning from the mistakes I've been making in my day to day activities. · However, which other bett ...

1 year ago


SIMON SHILAMBILA · HOW TO WRITE A COMPOSITION (story of my life) · many people have their own life stories and iam one of them .my life story is very interesting and their are alot of adventures in my life story.alot of memories are present in my life story · my life story started when i was a kid ...

1 year ago

Good Money Habits Everyone Should Have.

Prince Rogers · Good Money Habits Everyone Should Have. · Money is an important factor in our lives, and it can be difficult to make the right decisions when it comes to how we use it. We want to feel secure with all of our finances, while also being able… · https://financial-investors.com/2022/ ...

1 year ago

10 steps to get out of debt and become financially independent

Prince Rogers · 10 Steps To Get Out of Debt and Become Financially Independent. · As the saying goes, “being in debt is something that can be managed”. It doesn’t have to stop you from living your life. The average person has literally no idea how to get out of debt. There’… · https://financial- ...

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