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5 months ago


Rahab Tanui · Millions of people globally have mental health issues, especially among the age group of 15s to 29s.Don't get me wrong mental health issues can affect literally · anyone ,be it a 50year old or a10 year old it really doesn't discriminate · but the Gen Z are mostly affected cause ...

5 months ago

Be you do you😏

Kalekye Mwende · I used to judge my friends and · who were unemployed,not in marriage, facing depression and lack self esteem.Now I am 21 year old I don't even have a correct career path, depression is hitting and self esteem. Never judge a person by how the behave some do it due to what they ha ...

10 months ago

A good and experienced caregiver with 3 year of experience

Samuel Ambundo · As a caregiver, I am responsible for providing assistance and support to individuals who require care due to various physical, mental, or emotional conditions. This can be a challenging yet rewarding job that requires a unique set of skills and qualities. With three years of expe ...

10 months ago

stages of child growth and development

Peter Katana · GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT STAGES OF A CHILD · Child development is a complex and ongoing process that occurs in a series of stages. These stages are marked by changes in physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development. As a child grows, they pass through these stages in a pre ...

1 year ago

10 Best Small Business Ideas that You Can Start With Little to No Money

Prince Rogers · 10 Best Small Business Ideas that You Can Start With Little to No Money · If you are looking for a new business idea, there is no need to spend years or tens of thousands of dollars on a startup. In fact, these 10 ideas will only cost you $100-$300 total. With these smal… · https ...

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    Senior Finance Officer

    Found in: beBee S2 KE - 4 days ago

    BrighterMonday Consulting Rest of Kenya Full time

    1. Implements, enforces and communicates the Kenya-based accounting policies, practices, and procedures, including but not limited to the integration of organization-wide accounting and reporting stan ...

  • beBee Professionals

    Website design

    1 month ago

    Direct apply

    beBee Professionals Nairobi, Kenya Website Design Freelance KSh20,000 - KSh35,000 per month

    A private international organization (NGO) in partnership with the government has created new vacancies for graduates and undergraduates within Nairobi. Our company deals with Worldwide Business Inven ...

  • U.S.A Embassy Kenya

    Program Assistant

    Found in: beBee S2 KE - 3 days ago

    U.S.A Embassy Kenya Nairobi, Kenya Full time

    ABOUT THE COMPANY · The USA embassy Kenya is a us government that seeks to offer services on behalf of the US government · JOB SUMMARY · Requirements:Experience: Three years' administrative work exper ...

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