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david dindi

Business Developer, Commercial Manager
Nairobi, Nairobi Area



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About david dindi:

I am an exceptional Business Development, sales & marketing, Project Management, and Team Leadership and Development professional possessing over 13 years of senior management experience in banking, International Non-governmental Development Organizations, and Social Enterprise Startups. I have spearheaded & implemented innovative, growth-focused commercial strategies which have led to profitable business growth. I am a hands-on strong team leader who has built, trained, coached & managed cross-functional teams to exceed expectations & fulfill project KPIs. I am looking for an opportunity where I will utilize my skills & knowledge and work toward fulfilling an organization’s vision.  



  • Excellent team builder with demonstrated leadership and interpersonal skills, with the ability to train, coach, motivate, mentor, supervise, evaluate, and give feedback to staff.
  • I have a proven track record in managing complex client projects
  • I am a Self-starter, with strong leadership, a great negotiator and influencer, strong stakeholder relationship management, and am highly adept at conflict resolution
  • Ability to motivate, drive, and achieve results through a team in multiple locations. 
  • Ability to analyze and present data clearly with CRM software, and work with Excel, PowerPoint, and mobile sales CRM to enhance efficiency and mitigate business risks. 
  • Experience in using MS Office, Taro Works, Salesforce, Bitrix24, Quip, Sage, and Notion
  • Self-confident and hands-on, with the ability to dirty hands while serving clients in the field. 
  • Ability to operate in a fast-paced and constantly changing entrepreneurial atmosphere 
  • strong commercial acumen and understanding of what it takes to build strong business channels, go-to-market strategies, and scaling sales in startups and high-growth companies
  • I am an Independent and entrepreneurial self-driven team player with a record in achieving project/business objectives. 
  • Excellent project management, M&E, financial management, fundraising & reporting skills.
  • Strong organizational skills with the ability to manage multiple priorities and make things happen in a fast-paced, dynamic environment with a strong bias for action.
  • I possess exceptional strategic thinking, problem-solving, and structured thinking. 
  • Experience building a strategic vision and implementation plans for a commercial department
  • I have a strong ability to communicate, verbally & in writing, compelling messages to internal and external stakeholders on complex technical and business issues & solutions.
  • I have a proven ability to understand the marketplace dynamics including the regulatory environment, tech & consumer behavioral shifts, & tying the same to the impact of business. 
  • I have shown the ability to manage performance and apply appropriate consequences



May 2023 to Date: Motion Industrials Limited – Commercial Manager

I provide leadership and business growth through aggressive customer acquisition and growing market share of the businesses. I assume responsibility and I am accountable for customer retention and the profitability of each business unit in the Group. I fulfill responsibility using sound business management practices, planning, motivating, and coordinating the management team’s activities. 


Essential Duties and Responsibilities 

1. Business Development and Sales 

Plans and provides accurate reports to relevant recipients, develops annual operations budgets, develops marketing strategies (in liaison with unit GMs), and assists in creating effective, cost-efficient advertising programs. Holds regularly scheduled managers’ meetings to ensure that every unit is operating efficiently and profitably. Accountable for sales and revenue growth.

2. Customer Focus 

  • Regular communication with customers to increase customer satisfaction, resolve customer complaints, and prepares reports on customer feedback and market intelligence.
  • Design and implement robust marketing and customer reward campaigns(monthly).
  • Act as a quality champion and ensure the brands are strong in the market in quality reviews. 

3. People Management 

  • Hires, trains, and motivates all the unit managers and other staff. 
  • Directs and monitors all management or supervisory personnel functions and completes formal performance evaluations of all unit managers at regularly scheduled intervals. 
  • Provides enthusiastic leadership to help shape employees' attitudes and build morale. 
  • Reviews all requests for training, approves those which are appropriate and consistent with the dealership's goals for professional/technical ability and advancement & monitors their effectiveness. 
  • Reviews and approves compensation plans for all employees. 
  • Direct and oversee operations staff to ensure that they are motivated and trained to carry out their responsibilities to the required standard. 

4. Operations

  • Develop and implement policies and procedures to ensure that core operational functions achieve their business objectives. 
  • Develop and control operational budgets to promote profitability and ensure the company has all the resources required to meet its objectives within agreed financial parameters. 
  • Direct and control production to ensure that finished goods of the required standard are available to customers within agreed costs and at the right times. 
  • Supervises, monitors, and approves reconciliations of the inventory in the all-storage locations. 
  • Establishes and oversees safety standards to ensure that all units comply with the company’s safety policies and OSHS guidelines. 
  • Oversees general statutory and organizational compliance across all the business. 
  • Contribute to corporate strategy in the areas of production, purchase, distribution, and supply chain to ensure that the company achieves its short and long-term objectives. 
  • Oversee purchasing to ensure that the company has the goods and services required for production purposes within agreed costs and quality standards and at the right times. 
  • Direct and control warehousing and distribution functions to ensure that customers are supplied with the right quantities of goods at the right times. 
  • Direct and control supply chain operations. 
  • Develop all necessary policies and procedures to ensure safe and healthy working environments across all company locations. 
  • Maintain working relationships with all other managers to ensure effective coordination of all company activities in support of corporate objectives. 
  • Evaluate overall company performance by gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data and metrics. 
  • Act as the company’s main adviser on all issues relating to operational functions and keep abreast of the latest developments to ensure that the company maintains its competitive position 

5. Business Reporting and Financial Planning 

  • Manage the company’s financial planning, and coordinates with the finance teams to ensure that records and analyses are maintained accurately
  • Provides Group CEO with accurate weekly reports on the financial condition of the business 
  • Ensures the monthly financial statements are complete, accurate, & timely submitted to the CEO
  • Follow up on the implementation of resolutions raised from the monthly reports 
  • Plan and perform risk management duties. 
  • Analyze and manage the organization's liabilities and investments. 
  • Plan, implement, and manage investment strategies. 
  • Manage fundraising plans and capital structure. 
  • Assess the performance of the business unit against the business goals and plans


September 2022 to Date: ACT Business Partners, Business Development Consultant

This is a part-time role. I work with organizations to diagnose challenges, come up with proposed solutions, and conduct pilot and scale. I also conduct consulting training for start-ups to create company processes, growth culture, sales skills, CRM, and business models (sales process)


May 2022 to July 2022: Farm Shop Ltd –Project Manager 

I was the Country Project Lead in the startup social enterprise. I drove company performance by developing and implementing strategies that led to high sales growth, revenue generation, quality operations standards, high net promoter score, and excellent financial management and reporting.


  • I developed and rolled out sales strategies and business processes while monitoring & maximizing the efficiency of overall project operations and addressing potential issues when they arose;
  • I developed and managed relationships with Key Accounts Clients, farmers, and other stakeholders. I ensured the aggregation of farm produce was a success. 
  • I recruited, onboarded, trained, coached, and conducted performance management, and refresher training for the sales and support teams and drove teamwork within the company.
  • I sourced, communicated, and negotiated with suppliers, ensured the timely delivery of stock shipments, and managed warehouse operations and stock reconciliations.
  • Prepared and shared monthly management reports; sales, and GP analysis reports. I also ensured resource availability and allocation. This was tracked in the CRM I created.
  • I assessed costs, supply, & demand and identified products that provided better gross profit margins, and evaluated competitors to determine competitive product pricing.


January 2019 to March 2022: Bidhaa Sasa Ltd – Regional Coordinator

I drove into the overall company performance and implemented procedures geared towards improved staff satisfaction, retention, and performance with the goal of sales growth, improved debt collection, and customer satisfaction in the startup social enterprise. 


Business Operations Management and Change Management

  • I directed and oversaw branch operations, compliance with regulations, optimal staffing, availability of resources, warehouse management, and cash management, and updated the directors on the company’s operational health across all the branches. I grew branches from 6 to 13 across Kenya and Uganda.
  • Executed and delivered on the set targets including portfolio management and sales growth, Gross Profit management, client recruitment, key accounts management, and Net Promoter Score enhancement. Monthly sales volume grew from Kshs. 6M to Kshs. 35M, and loan book from Kshs.12M to Kshs.96M in 3 years. 
  • I also maintained the Day 1 Portfolio at risk at below 10% and the net promoter score at 95%. 
  • The client numbers grew by 300% in three years. 
  • Ensured delivery of Profit and customer and growth targets for the allocated markets while proactively and visibly managing risks and opportunities throughout the years.
  • Owned the delivery of both commercial and brand-building objectives and KPIs
  • I established standard operating procedures (IT, HR, Logistics, Data, Sales Process) in collaboration with specialist process-oriented roles and embedded routines in the communication and execution. 
  • I proactively managed and developed a strong regional partner network and fostered strong relationships and engagement that delivered the business plans and performance promise.
  • Planned and set timelines for different activities and deliverables across all sales teams; tracked the implementation of those cross-functional activities including sales process changes, data and IT changes, recruitment, staff training, and development.
  • Enhanced buy-in for changes, selling the value of changes and ensuring compliance with changes across the team; through this, we successfully modified our sales, IT, and logistics processes with over 90% staff approval rates.
  • I understood, owned, and delivered each product's pricing strategy and logistics and explored ways to optimize value chains and net revenue management. 
  • Scoped new office locations and coordinated access to infrastructure; I identified opportunities to build new business through existing and new customers or routes to market. We opened 7 more branches.
  • I managed the company’s financial planning and coordinated with the Area Management teams to ensure that records and analyses were maintained accurately.
  • I provided the management team with up-to-date accurate weekly reports on the business’s financial condition. 
  • I reduced branch operation costs by 20% through a streamlined cash management process, renegotiation with service providers, and improved compliance monitoring, and checks. 
  • Managed optimization of stock levels with data-based decision-making on the amount of each stock type to be maintained. Proactively led shipment plans for customers using orders and stock level forecasts, monitoring and providing analysis on the P&L to deliver the annual budget, and constantly seeking ways to improve ROI. 
  • provided expert research and advice on allocated market trends including consumer, competitor, and political insight, and thereby identified further opportunities to drive business development.

People Management

  • Drove company culture by constantly communicating the company vision and values, further enhanced buy-in to the unique approach to sales and rural development
  • Hired, trained, supported, and motivated all the Area managers and their direct reports. 
  • Ensured cross-functional collaboration with different teams i.e., data/research teams, HR, admin, risk and compliance, business processes, etc. I had weekly joint meetings & One on Ones.
  • Drove performance and productivity across the sales and logistics teams and ensured delivery of revenue
  • Conducted quarterly performance reviews, and weekly one on one meetings for managers
  • I held each individual (Managers, Sales Reps, and logistics officers) accountable for their assigned deliverables and participated in designing incentive plans to reward key performers. 
  • I Enforced Compliance & ethics to ensure the team is prudent & adhered to the code of business conduct through the prudent use of resources. Compliance was maintained at above 96%.
  • I Provided enthusiastic leadership that shaped employees' attitudes & built morale. I rated high on people management. The employee turnover reduced from 40% to 8%.
  •  I also initiated a Leadership Development Program that promoted 3 officers to branch managers in phase 1 driving engagement and motivation of the entry-level staff.
  • I harnessed synergy within the team to perform and deliver the expected sales targets and generated the expected revenue for the company while successfully managing relationships with key partners (agents and key accounts) and distributors for great staff and customer experience.

August 2014 to December 2017: Care International in Kenya, Project Officer 

Key Responsibilities and Achievements

  • I Spearheaded the planning and implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting of the project activities and achievements. We linked over 9,000 Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs) to banks, surpassing a target of 6,000 VSLAs and 182,000 VSLA members against a target of 120,000 VSLA members. 
  • Participated in financial planning and phasing, administered & monitored expenditures against budgets, & maintained budget tracking records for the project. I ensured 100% compliance.
  • I Built partners’ capacity. I created a collaborative environment and framework for engagement by different stakeholders. I ensured proper management of the partners who were our key accounts/project stakeholders. 
  • Worked with Arifu and Mercy Corps Agrifin Accelerate Programme to digitalize messages toward farmers in VSLAs. This facilitated farmer education and ensured continuous support. 
  • Co-developed 4 savings and 1 credit product with 4 different financial institutions. We conducted pilots and scaled up the products.
  • Coordinated project logistical and administrative support in liaison with the Procurement and Logistics Officer. We maintained above 97% through continuous support in compliance and financial management.
  • I participated in project proposal development, donor search & correspondence. 
  • Team and performance management and drove teamwork in achieving project goals.


January 2012 - July 2014: Equity Bank Limited, Regional Manager

In charge of the Nyanza region and tasked with growing a high-quality regional asset portfolio within the mid-market. I supported 12 branches with 26 Micro Credit Relationship Officers. 


  • Sales & Marketing: developed and forecasted regional sales, established regional KPIs & designed cross-selling programs & campaigns in the region. 
  • I influenced & supported the team to achieve KPIs and helped recruit and manage key accounts. Through these initiatives, the loan book of the region grew from Kshs.96M to Kshs.372M in two years. The 30 days Portfolio At Risk reduced from 17% to 3 % making the region the most improved at the end of year 2.
  • Promoted payment channels such as Visa and Mobile wallets with a clear performance matrix.
  • Customer service: built relationships, assessed customer needs, and documented feedback. The net promoter score was maintained at over 90% over the period with a few actioning. 
  • Strategy & Leadership: collaborated with the Sector Manager to determine the sector’s gross profit and annual unit plans by analyzing trends and results and implementing marketing strategies. Aligned the branched with the overall sector targets and developed teamwork. 
  • The sector GP grew by 42% by end of year 2 as a result of team-improved productivity. 
  • Performance management: I provided support to sales associates, and credit officers, to enable them to generate market leads and close new deals, organized periodic training, and oversaw target delivery and recognition. 
  • I supported the branch teams in discussing and supporting staff through Performance Improvement Plans. The average loan book per officer grew from Kshs. 3.6M to Kshs.14M, the 30 Days Portfolio At Risk was maintained at below 2%, and the compliance rating for the region was at 95%.
  • Partnership Management: Developed and maintained channels between partners and the staff in the respective branches. Micro energy Credits, Care International in Kenya, and Government departments were brought on board. 



  • Projects Officer, National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) - October 2018 - January 2019. Conducted effective project designing, project implementation, monitoring, evaluation, reporting, fundraising, and stakeholder management.
  • Relationship Officer - Credit, Equity Bank Limited - June 2009 - December 2011, Sales, marketing, and business development. Growing a high-quality branch asset portfolio.

Volunteer positions

  • Resource Mobilization and Advocacy Coordinator, Mercy Compassionate Centre (Short-Term Assignment) - From March 2018 to September 2018. Developed resource mobilization and management Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Program Officer, Bondo Counseling, Testing & Treatment Group – Sep 2008 - May 2009 – Fundraising, project management, reporting & financial management
  • Founder and Secretary to the Board of Directors, AAPSEJIK - Aug 2007 - July 2012. – Representation, fundraising, and liaison.
  • Civic Education Coordinator, WOWESOK - August 2005 - Dec 2005 – Managed Civic education among women groups during the 2005 constitutional referendum. 



Board of Management Member (3 Schools) – March 2022 to Date:

Maranda School for the Mentally Handicap, Maranda Educational Center, and Ugadhi Primary School


Jan 2005 - July 2008:  Egerton University, Bachelor of Education (Hons)



  • Problem Led Sales Training by Whitten and Roy Partnership – Clear Conversation, Decision Quotient, and Resolving Blocks
  • Africa Management Institute – Setting up of an Enterprise: Agent Recruitment & Management, IT & Digital, Enterprise and Finance, Portfolio & Demand Creation, Route to Market, & Sustainable Communities. 
  • Amani Institute: Amani Leadership for Impact – Leading Self, Leading Others & Leading Business
  • United States Institute of Peace: Conflict Analysis Course

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