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    The candidate will be responsible for as the service TD, you will ensure the delivery of IT infrastructure integration solutions in complex scenarios. Ensuring successful project delivery based on customer satisfaction with SMs or higher-level customers. In addition, effectively support the pre-sales team to explore more opportunities.EDUCATION / EXPERIENCEBachelor degree of IT, Software, Telecom Communication, Computer Science or other relative majorsHave experience in delivering or maintaining IT infrastructure projects(Storage, Virtualisation, Cloud) from mainstream vendors, such as Huawei, EMC, NetApp, AWS, VMware.Be familiar with one or more of the following IT product technologies and related solutions, such as storage, Virtualisation, cloud computing, servers, networks, and operating systems.Have a certain understanding of the technical development trends of storage, virtualisation, cloud computing, and servers, and care about the current and future technical development trends.Be good at expressing and communicating. Be able to independently organise multiple business teams to communicate with each other.


    Design and implementation of virtualization solutions VMware vSphere, Proxmox, Xen Server and Cloud environment ( AWS, Azure).Maintain virtual infrastructures, OS, and operate the platforms that run on them.Management of virtual machines via vCenter, PVE.Creation and management of clusters for HA.Configuration and management of storage solutions.Integration of storage solutions, NFS, TrueNAS, Ceph.Deployment of ERP solutions (Axelor, Dolibarr, Odoo).Automation, Provisioning of VMs and Web servers.Management of Docker containers, Kubernetes clusters.Deployment of VoIP as a Service with 3CX solutions on Proxmox.Provisioning VMs with Terraform.Training of monitoring engineers on Dolibarr (Ticketing).Participation in the realisation of several projects (obtaining public IP within Afrinic, Digital Week, SMTD Mali Benchmark).


    Relational databases (SQL), System administration, IT support, Networking


    Bachelor's degree