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    Full time
  • To lead, manage and contribute (including teaching) to the day-to-day delivery of the programmes offered in the school, including the management of admission to the school, curriculum delivery and student assessment.
  • Use the range of leadership skills necessary to communicate the vision, mission, and objectives of the school to staff, learners and the school community, and create shared purpose and commitment to the vision and objectives.
  • Apply decision making skills, and promote decision making processes within the school, based on the use of data, and characterised by collegial and consultative practice.
  • Distribute leadership responsibilities throughout the teaching staff and model professional support for other leadership roles, including developing their own skills in mentoring and coaching.
  • Demonstrate a consistent commitment to the learning, personal growth and well- being of all students and value high standards of achievement and conduct for all learners.
  • Promote the best interest of the school and the community it serves, and the continuing improvement and sustainability of the school's vision and mission.
  • Model ethical conduct, marked by personal integrity, respect for others and fairness in their dealings with learners, staff, parents and the community.
  • Facilitate team building for the senior leadership team and model effective teamwork and professional conduct for other teams within the school.
  • Establish professional relationships with colleagues in other institutions, professional bodies and educational organisations, including Cambridge International, to contribute to the development of education and of leadership practice more widely.
  • Create a positive culture that provides professional support and challenge for teachers, promote individual development and value the achievement of all learners.
  • Lead, motivate and hold teachers accountable for developing effective teaching plans and activity programmes that take account of the developmental and learning needs of all their students, as well as developments in their subject-to-subject teaching.
  • Promote and model collaboration between individual teachers and teams, to evaluate and share effective practice and to develop curriculum knowledge and teaching skills.
  • Establish a culture of high expectations and high rewards where exemplary student and staff conduct and commitment to learning is the norm and high achievement is valued and recognised in all aspects of the school life.
  • Make sure that the school has appropriate policies and procedures in place for monitoring learning and progress at all levels, and that sound assessment data is used in decisions concerning students and in the evaluation of programmes and teaching.
  • Create a professional culture in which innovative practice is encouraged and where teachers are given opportunities to apply new ideas in their own teaching and in collaboration with others within and beyond the school.
  • Communicate information about and support for innovative programmes and practice to students, parents, and other stakeholders, to create a receptive atmosphere for improvement.
  • Make sure that the school curriculum and other programmes are evaluated cyclically, using input from teachers, learners, and other stakeholders, as the starting point for school improvement planning.
  • Establish staff responsibilities, structures and timescales for the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the improvement plan, motivating staff and making sure that plan objectives and outcomes are achieved.
  • To review academic delivery of existing programmes, celebrating good practice, and identifying areas for development, and devise an inclusive strategy to drive improvement where necessary.
  • To take responsibility for the implementation, monitoring, and review of the school for formative assessment.
  • To sit on the school team and play a key role in the delivery and review of the aims and objectives of the school.
  • To contribute to the development of new academic initiatives for the school.
  • To lead on a student support strategy to ensure early intervention for struggling students to increase retention and academic achievement across the centre.
  • To work with the school team to look at the impact of non-engagement, attendance, and pastoral issues on academic achievement, agree action plans and support the implementation and review of said plans.
  • To lead on the induction of new academic staff to the school and support course leaders to do so for their teams, ensuring that they are familiar with the school Academic quality assurance manual, policies, and procedures and that these are adhered to or evident in teaching practice, location of resources etc.
  • To manage course leaders and support them in the delivery of their roles.
  • To identify developmental needs within teaching staff and propose ways to support identified needs, in liaison with team leaders.
  • To manage, motivate, appraise, and develop academic staff to achieve both their objectives and their full personal potential and lead on lesson observations and CPD in the school.
  • To participate in academic offence investigations in the school, with themanagement team of team leaders and ensure outcomes are clearly communicated to the school senior management team (Board members) and senior student officer and student and noted appropriately on the students record.
  • To lead the selection of student work to be sent to the external Examiners working with the school.
  • To manage cover arrangements in the case of Tutor absence and to facilitate tutor attendance at subject group meetings, marking meetings and communicate these to the CMO in a timely manner.
  • To work with the school management team and to ensure that the timetable makes efficient use of the resources and supports effective teaching and learning.
  • To participate in Student induction and Student Engagement activities, in liaison with the student support team.
  • Set up a clear reporting structure and schedule to keep all stake holders informed of all the important and day to day activities of the school on a weekly basis.
  • To promote the provision of a holistic education to learners.
  • To be able to manage and handle any other responsibility, that may arise from the senior management of the Board of Directors office.


    The suitable candidate should be able to display the below principles:

    o COMMIT

  • Goes the extra mile.
  • Follow-up & follows through.

    o ACT

  • Takes ownership.
  • Looks for a solution.


  • Addresses issues positively
  • Communicates proactively.


  • Is an active listener.
  • Is respectful and values our clients, stakeholders and team members.


  • Academic or English Language Teaching qualification and graduate. (Essential)
  • Teaching experience (Essential), Minimum 7 years teaching experience.
  • Experience in an academic leadership role (Essential). Minimum 5 years' experience.
  • An understanding of the UK Cambridge education system, its needs, and requirements.
  • Direct experience of further and higher education in an international context
  • Experience of the development of academic programmes.
  • An understanding and appreciation of private sector education.


  • Demonstrates cross cultural awareness and understanding.
  • An ability to motivate, coach and develop academic and administrative staff.
  • A commitment to teamwork, and an ability to manage resources effectively, both human and physical
  • A record of achievement in teaching
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and presentation skills including native speaker fluency in English.
  • Competence in the effective use of information technology.
  • Planning and organisational skills and an ability to take initiative within the curriculum and policy objectives.
  • A record of attention to detail, thoroughness, and fairness.
  • The ability to prioritise, meet deadlines and work under pressure.


  • Outward looking and student learner sympathetic
  • A commitment to working cohesively as part of the broader team and acting in a manner that contributes positively to effective teamwork collaboration.
  • Flexible with the ability to solve problems and to put in time necessary to solve problems.
  • A willingness to contribute to the review process.
  • The ability to adapt to a changing environment and priorities of the school.