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    3 weeks ago

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    Full time

    Location: Homabay

    Reports to: Farm Operations Director

    Victory Farms is recruiting an Operations Associate in Farm Operations Department. This is a chance to help contribute to the development of an organization aiming to be a sustainable leader in large-scale aquaculture production. Professionally, you would be joining a business with ever-growing opportunities and responsibilities, providing a profound exposure to a high-growth business environment.

    Process Management:

    • Oversee and help in managing day-to-day operational workflows to ensure efficiency and productivity.

    • Develop and implement efficient procedures to optimize workflow by utilizing technology to automate tasks, and continuously analyzing data to identify trends and areas for improvement.

    Reports and Analysis:

    • Generate regular reports on key operational metrics, including production volumes, efficiency, and quality standards.

    • Analyze operational data to identify trends, areas for improvement, and opportunities to enhance overall efficiency.

    Departmental Coordination:

    • Collaborate with different departments to ensure seamless communication and coordination of activities.

    • Facilitate cross-departmental meetings to address operational challenges and promote collaboration.

    Meeting Records Management:

    • Record and document minutes of operational meetings, ensuring accuracy and completeness.

    • Distribute meeting minutes to relevant stakeholders and follow up on action items to ensure timely resolution.

    Project Tracking:

    • Assist in the planning and execution of operational projects.

    • Monitor and track the progress of operational projects, ensuring that they align with organizational goals and timelines.

    • Identify potential bottlenecks and work with project teams to implement corrective actions.

    Regulatory Compliance:

    • Stay updated on industry regulations and ensure that operational activities comply with local and international standards.

    • Assist in the preparation of documentation for regulatory audits and inspections.

    Communication and Collaboration:

    • Act as a liaison between different departments, ensuring clear and effective communication

    channels. Collaborate with cross-functional departments to ensure seamless efficiency.

    • Prepare and disseminate operational updates to relevant stakeholders.

    Process and Human Improvement:

    • Work closely with teams to identify areas for process improvement and efficiency gains. Propose and implement solutions to enhance operational workflows and reduce costs.

    • Train new staff on operational procedures and company policies. Provide ongoing training to existing team members to enhance skills.

    Skills and qualifications:

    • Bachelor's degree in supply chain management, Operations Management, or a related field.

    • Certification in Data Analytics

    • 2-3 Years' experience in a busy data management environment coupled with process mapping and coordination.

    • Ability to analyze and interpret data to make informed decisions.

    • Proficiency in using tools like Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or other data analysis software.

    • Knowledge of lean methodologies and continuous improvement principles. Experience in identifying and implementing process efficiencies.

    • Basic project management skills to coordinate and execute operational projects.

    • Familiarity with project management tools and methodologies.

    • Knowledge of supply chain processes and logistics.


    • Visibility into the world's fastest growing aquaculture company.

    • Ideal for a candidate looking to dive into a mission-oriented Organization.

    • The team is committed to the candidate's success and will provide coaching, mentorship, and unique exposure to people and experiences that come from the most successful leaders in the entrepreneurial community and the social sector.

    About Victory Farms

    Victory Farms (VF) was established on Lake Victoria in 2016 with both on-shore and off-shore facilities.

    The head office is in Nairobi, and its Farm site is in Homa Bay County, with distribution across Kenya. VF has since become one of the fastest growing companies in aquaculture globally - in its first eight months of operation, the Company became the largest aquaculture producer in Kenya. Victory Farms aims to become the leading tilapia farm in Africa over the next 5 years while maintaining the highest environmental and social standards; as the most sustainable tilapia farm in the world, adhering to global standards and best practices, and producing affordable, sustainable protein to feed millions of people across Africa. Today, it is the largest commercial aquaculture player in East Africa and operates one of largest hatcheries on the continent.

    The Company is continuing to rapidly expand its vertically integrated model: production, processing, and sales & distribution, to keep pace with the rapid growth in demand for protein. To support this, Victory Farms employs world- class technologies, people, and processes to build its model for sustainable protein production on the continent. VF strives for the highest standards in performance, execution, culture, and integrity.

    VF's growth trajectory provides enormous opportunity for excited professionals to uplift their careers and make an impact within a diverse operation. We recognize the utmost importance which contributions by individuals and teams have to the success of Victory Farms. We work to create a fantastic environment for our employees. An environment where employees have an opportunity to develop professionally and personally.

    Application Process

    Please send a CV and cover letter expressing your interest and qualifications. Deadline for application is 29th February, 2024

    Clearly indicate the subject: Operations Associate