HoReCa Manager - Nakuru, Kenya - Gilani's Distributors

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    Gilani's Distributors is a dominance in the distribution sector and is well known and respected. This is evidenced by the increased presence of our trucks ferrying goods on roads throughout the Rift Valley, Central, Nairobi, Nyanza, Mombasa Coastal region and the Western corridor of Kenya.


    The HORECA Manager is responsible for driving sales within the Hotel, Restaurant, Café (Horeca) and large institutions sector. He or She will oversee sales activities, manage customer relationships, and implement strategies to achieve sales targets and maximize profitability.


    1. Sales Strategy:a. Develop and execute a sales strategy tailored to the Horeca sector to achieve revenue targets and market share growth.b. Identify opportunities for product placement, promotion, and expansion within Horeca establishments.c. Collaborate with the marketing team to develop targeted campaigns and promotional activities to drive sales.2. Customer Relationship Management:a. Build and maintain strong relationships with key customers in the Horeca sector, including hotels, restaurants, cafes, and catering companies.b. Understand customer needs, preferences, and buying behaviors to tailor sales strategies and offerings accordingly.c. Provide excellent customer service, address inquiries, resolve issues, and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.3. Account Management:a. Manage a portfolio of Horeca accounts, including maintaining account profiles, tracking sales performance, and forecasting demand.b. Conduct regular business reviews with customers to review sales performance, address concerns, and identify opportunities for growth.c. Negotiate contracts, pricing, and terms of sale with customers to maximize profitability while ensuring customer satisfaction.4. Market Analysis and Insights:a. Monitor market trends, competitor activity, and consumer insights within the Horeca sector to identify opportunities and threats.b. Analyze sales data and market research to assess performance, identify growth opportunities, and make data-driven decisions.c. Provide feedback to the product development and marketing teams on market trends, customer preferences, and competitive positioning.5. Team Leadership and Development:a. Lead and motivate a sales team dedicated to the Horeca sector, providing guidance, support, and training as needed.b. Set clear performance expectations, goals, and targets for the team, and monitor progress towards objectives.c. Foster a culture of teamwork, collaboration, and continuous improvement within the sales team.


    Market research, intelligence, Business to Business (B2B) sales, Account management, Business development, Sales strategy


    Bachelor's degree