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About me:

After working for over a decade with projects, I have advanced knowledge in developing scopes, keeping projects moving, submitting deliverables in time, and ensuring a seamless experience for all parties involved. Moreover, while my previous position afforded me a thriving–rounded skill set, including excellent relationship building and time management skills. I excel at:
• Outlining project scopes, managing timelines, and deadlines
• Tracking and reporting on overall progress
• Managing daily operations and implementation of new programs
• Forecasting project revenues and ensuring all goals are met
• Monitoring, evaluating, accounting, and Learning from the different projects
In addition to my experience and relationship building, I have a solid educational foundation and passion for furthering projects that build loyalty, development, and social impact.


I designed and managed project monitoring and reporting systems and tools in line with internal and external grant management requirements, supported program teams through coordination of data collection and analysis processes as required. Conducted an end-of-year evaluation of a program that bridged the gap between prison and the community by ensuring successful reintegration for women and children leaving the criminal justice system, designed data collection tools, conducted desk research, conducted key informant interviews, administered questionnaires to key informants and prisoners, and facilitated focus group discussions and submitted the report, analyzed data and prepared a report, presented findings to the organization. I also rapporteur at the Organizations (Clean Start) training events, conferences, meetings, and during stakeholder’s meetings and national, regional, and international, meetings on diverse gender equality and women’s rights issues, developed communiqués and detailed conference reports.


I studied different disciplines including Business - Office Administration and management. Natural and applied sciences that included - Statistics 1 & 11 on social sciences studied Microbiology and parasitology, and the legal aspects of Community Health. Lastly in Social sciences studied psychology which was all around Guidance and Counselling.


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