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BTS Mechanical engineering The Technical College of Al Qubba-Tripoli -


General Manager/Shares Holder SAB TANK SERVICES LIMITED  Storage Tank Solution specialist; dealing in Bolted and Welded Tanks
• Consultant of Storage Tank Evaluation as per API 653 check list
• Consultant / Supervision of Fabrication, and Erection
• Consultant / Supervision of Critical Repair Specialist: jacking up, Foundation, Bottom, Shell and Roof
• Consultant / Supervision of Internal or External Floating Roof (all types)

 Bolted tank and dry bulk:
• Supplying, Erection, Dismantling and Relocating the Bolted Storage Tank and Dry Bulk

 Supervision/Consultancy for:
• Piping and Equipment installation of plant facilities and managing shutdown
• Laying and testing /Pigging of underground and aboveground Pipeline & pigging

 Special light Steel/Concrete Structuring for Offices and Public Building

 Estimation, Planning, Preparatory of Scope of Work and Comprehensive Job Hazard Analyses (JHA)
Project Manager Weld-Con Engineering & Construction LTD Full-time - Project manager on TANKS UPGRADE Project at Kenya petroleum refinery tanks farms for KPC and KPRL (Rehabilitation of 3 Floating roof Tank 101, 103, and 104 each is 60 Meter Dia.)
- Scope of work:
- Desludging/Cleaning and Grit blasting to confirm the scope of work
- Involved in the design and bending of the heating coils return bend at 420 mm radius
- Design and replacing the wind girder
- Repair the bottom plates
- Repair the roof plates
- Repairing the leaking pontoons
- Blasting and painting
- Reinstalling radar gauging system after modification the stilling well
- PIR insulation on the full external surface roof and shell
- Hydro testing
Project Manager / Superintendent and Tank Specialist SEM-TS – TESIGA Full-time Several Tanks rehabilitation Projects for SOGARA at the Refinery and TOTAL TERMINAL at CAP LOPEZ, :
- T1033,: at SOGARA: Jacking up to repair the Shell distortion, and reinstate the internal floating roof panel type
- T1051: at SOGARA: Rehabilitation the roof and replacing the bottom plate/roof and handrail
- T1012 : at SOGARA: Jacking up to repair the foundation and also bottom plates and the external floating roof and the wind girder, all piping network
- Tank 4 at TOTAL Terminal at CAP LOPEZ, jacking up, reinstate the ring wall and foundation, replace the annular ring and repair the bottom plates
- Major Shutdowns, Piping and pipelines at SOGARA in Port Gentil
- Piping and pipelines at Shell Gabon in Rabi / Gamba including the PWHT
- PWHT Advisor/Technician, in several piping Projects for SOGARA and for OGEC at Rabi and GAMBA
- Supervising the Barge and Boats repair on the SEMTS Jetty at Port Gentil
Project Manager PIPELINE GABON (PIG) Full-time - Project Manager in Coucal-Rabi 12” pipeline (remote forest) for ADDAX,
- Pipeline construction completed
- Construction of 3 intermediate heating and pumping stations. work was completing
- Pigging Station at Coucal completed with obturation tie in technic
- Hydro testing and commissioning
- Project Manager in Obangue PCF East 4”&8” multi flow lines Project
- Constructing all the flow lines 4” and 6” from multi pads of wells
- Construction of the collecting pipe line to Obangue East station
- Hydrotesting and painting of all the lines
Superintendent / - Project Manager CTS Companie de Travaux Speciaux Full-time - Superintendent in construction a Hangar at the TOTAL logistic the base in Port Gentil 46m x 12m

- Project Manager in BATANGA : reinstating the collapsed pal-planches and piling new jetty wall projects for PERENCO).
- Project Manager in SOGARA n Port Gentil for several small piping projects
Project Manager SEM-TS – TESIGA Full-time - Constructing MI-SWACO offices Building, in Port Gentil, it was designed with combination of steel tubing structure, concrete and corrugated sheets, done
- Barge and Boats repair on the Jetty at Port Gentil
- Fabrication, all piping and skids of Onal - Coucal projects for M&P, (5 stations were completed in only 80 days).
Director Technical Consulting Sundance Engineering & Construction Limited, Full-time - Technical Director /Consulting, Survey, report and Scope of work preparatory, and Estimation for several projects in Nigeria and Seychelles
- Technical Director /Consulting Inspection and Rehabilitation of tank 5501-Soku Gas Flow Station.–Shell
- Project Manager; in constructing Bolted Tank in Izombe Flow Station. For Addax Nigeria
-: Project Manager; Replacement and laying of 4”inch Gas Pipeline Ossu-Izombe. (pipeline laid into the izombe river) For Addax Nigeria
Tank Specialist / Project Manager Sundance Engineering & Construction Limited / SEM-TS n Port Gentil Project Manager in rehabilitation of Tank 1032 for SOGARA,
- Replacement the complete lower first shell course
- Jacking up and reinstating the foundation level
- Replacement of complete foundation,
- Replacement of all the bottom plates ,vacuum test
- Replacement of the complete cooling system and fire fitting foam system
As Tank Specialist /team leader in the Replacing the floating roof with the HMT seals of one EFR tank for SOGARA at the CAP-LOPEZ
Assistant Construction Manager Sundance Engineering & Construction Limited / TESIGA / OGEC The project of the Construction of the 8”inch pipeline Rabi/Toucan for Shell Gabon,
- Providing al the documents and the method statements and Job hazard analyse
- Preparing all the required permits to work
- Survey the ROW
- Preparing
road and river crossings

- Preparing
the stringing i
- Controlling the needs of the two pipeline jobs and maintain the availability of the equipment’s before starting
- Designing 2-meter-deep straight trench as no man land to be cut and the ready section will be lowered, backfilled in one day
- Lowering all the Road and River Crossings each in one day.
- Coordinate the NDT and the lowering, back filling,
- Gauge pigging , pipeline filling, hydrostatic test,
- Swap Pigging to dry the pipe, and brush pigging
- Preparing facility and professional staff for CP work
Tank Specialist/ Site manage Sundance Engineering & Construction Limited / TESIGA / ISCO, Tank Specialist/ Site manager in rehabilitation of floating roof Tank 1502 in Gamba Shell facility
- Removing all the rejected roof plates
- Cut and remove all the internal piping and the anode posts
- Cut and remove all the bottom plates
- Jacking up the tank sequentially
- Repair the foundation, replace the annular plates
- Lower the tank and replace the bottom plates and the rejected roof legs
- Reinstate all the internal piping and the anodes
- vacuum test
- Reinstate the roof
- Close the shell opening door
- Blasting and painting
Tank filling / hydrotest, tank emptying
Tank specialist/Project Manager Sundance Engineering & Construction Limited / SEM-TS As Tank specialist in the tanks repair of Tank No3 at SGEPP Terminal,/OWENDO, Libreville.
Currying out the Repair of the tank No3 the tank had a distorted complete shell courses plates without changing any plate, the tank shell was cut /rewelded in place,
- Providing a special shell repair procedure, approved by Total
- Jacking up and reset the ring wall level
- Cut off the entire bottom plates
- Repair the foundation
- Install the new bottom plates, lower the tank vacuum test
- Hydrostatic test
- Blasting / painting
- As Tank specialist in the tanks repair of Tank No7 at SGEPP Terminal,/OWENDO, Libreville.
Currying out the Repair of the tank No7 the tank had a leak issue due to the foundation failure
- Providing a special shell repair procedure, approved by Total
- Jacking up and reset the ring wall level
- Cut off the entire bottom plates
- Repair the foundation
- Install the new bottom plates, lower the tank vacuum test
- Hydrostatic test
- Blasting/Painting
General Superintendent Zakhem –Oil Serv Ltd General Superintendent in the Rehabilitation of all the 18 storage Tanks at the Shell Terminal in Bonny Island,
- Preparing for the Client (SPDC) all the required method statements and procedure
- Provide all the certificates of the personnel and equipment
- Establishing the site offices and stores
- Coordinate the daily works with Verwater the Jacking up contractor
- Maintaining the work schedule
- Maintaining good relation with the local community
- Demolish, reinstate the EFR replacing the bottoms reinstall new EFR
- Remove and reinstall new fire fitting foam system
- All the test and NDT ongoing along the mechanical activities
- All other finishing activities

- Barge building on the Jetty of oilserv at Port Harcourt
Site Superintendent Zakhem International Construction Ltd. Site superintendent, in the Rehabilitation of the burned Abaji intermediate Pump Station of 30’’ pipeline including the new pump installation and the related works
- Removing all the damaged equipment
- Cut-out the piping system inside the pump station
- Reset in place the 3 pumps 78 tones each
- Reinstate the new piping network
- Reinstate the pump house and the offices and store building
Team Leader/Sphere Zakhem Construction (T) LTD - Team Leader in the construction of a complete LPG / GAS, Filling / Storage Facilities including a Sphere of 2000 m³. and two pipelines to jetty In Dar Es Salam for SNIG Group
- Preparing with SNIG site management the pipeline job team /welding test and material procurement and approval
- Preparing the Sphere working team, Square nut test, welding test and sphere scaffolding
- Coordinate the piping network of the LPG
- Leading the assembling and welding of the sphere plates
- Coordinate the NDT
- Coordinate the pipeline work from the jetty to the station
- Coordinate the LPG cylinders refilling station area
Superintendent/Team Leader Zakhem Construction (K)LTD - As Superintendent Leading the team In the Major Shut down of complex II at KPRL (Feb./March shutdown) to renew 24 plenums plating and setting 6 pumps and their piping systems and other added Extra Works
- As Site superintendent. Leading the team in the Rehabilitation of Tank 1903. For Kenya Pipelines Company in Mombasa Kenya.
Superintendent Zakhem Construction (T) LTD - Superintendent at Ashante gold field. (Construction of Pipeline 14” and floated Pump station in Geita / Mwanza Tanzania).
- Precast the concrete pipe supports
- Transport and stringing the 14”pipes and concrete supports
- Arranging and coordinating the welding team
- Assembling of the floating pontoon of pump house
- Run the Armoured Cable from the generator house to the Pump house and connect
Superintendent Zakhem Construction Kenya Ltd, - Superintendent on various small rehabilitation Projects at: (KPRL Kenya petroleum refineries ltd in Mombasa Kenya),
Project Manager CIVICON Ltd. Project Manager in the construction of Tank 307 (14,500 m³ floating roof storage tank) at Kenya Petroleum Refineries Ltd. in Mombasa.
- Fabricate all the plates of the tank and control
- Accepting the foundation works by others
- Erect the tank bottom Shell and the accessories
- Painting and hydrotest

- Erection of two large aluminium Geodesic Domes at KPRL
Project Superintendent CSI Engineering, Company Name Full-time
Dates EmployedNov 1997 – May 1998
Employment Duration7 mos
- Project the construction of the 100 MW. Power station for Versilia/ IPTL in Dar es Salaam, (only mechanical part)
- Coordinate the mechanical construction and the civil work (by other)
- Installing the 10 engines and alternators using special heavy equipment lifting
- Installing the stacks and the heaters
- Installing the day tanks and lubricants
- Fabricate and install the pipe racks and supports
- Fabricating of the piping network
- Pressure testing and then pickling all the pipes
- Installing of the pickled piping network
- Blasting and painting the installed supports and piping
- Commissioning
Superintendent Zakhem International Construction L.T.D - Superintendent, working on various works of tanks and Pipelines rehabilitation projects for Kenya Petroleum Refineries Ltd., Kenya Shell, and Kenya Pipeline Company in Mombasa, including the Replacement of the 8” LPG pipeline from the Refinery to Shimanzi Oil Terminal jetty in the Port of Mombasa.
Project General Superintendent Zakhem International Construction L.T.D Construction of the NNPC PROJECT PHASE III
- Project General Superintendent responsible for the mechanical section, involved in the design, in charge of site setting, fabrication and welding of all the tanks, Pump stations, fire fitting systems and the piping networks this was the construction of the complete terminals of MINNA and SULEJA DEPOTS at a time (120 KM distance away of each other)
Project General Superintendent Zakhem International Construction L.T.D The project of the Western Kenya pipeline
- As Project General Superintendent responsible for the mechanical section in charge for fabrication, erection and welding, the tank and equipment of all the four (4) depots. Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret, and Kisumu, ongoing at a time,
- Controlling all pipe bending required in the project (pipeline section
Projects superintendent Zakhem International Construction L.T.D - Projects superintendent in various KPRL (Kenya Petroleum Refineries Limited) Including the periodic shutdowns

- The white oil product import/export facilities at KPC (Kenya Pipeline Company) facilities
- Project Superintendent in
- Casting the loading arms, manifold and pipeline supports bases.
- Install 3 pipelines from the KPC tanks farm to the jetty
- Installing four hand operated Loading Arms on the jetty using the barge
- Installing the manifold and the separator vessel on the jetty
- Installing pump house and 3 pumps 1000 M3/hour, and 14” pipe line to the tank farm
- Install a new separator in the intermediate slopped area side of way
Tanks Fabrication/ Welding Supervisor Zakhem International Construction L.T.D - The construction of the Kipevu Storage Facility tanks
- Tanks Fabrication/ Welding Supervisor of the Gas metal-arc welding GMAW and Submerged arc welding SAW
- Supervising the inter-connecting piping network.
- General supervisor during the one year free maintenance period
Supervisor Zakhem International Construction L.T.D - Supervisor in the rehabilitation of the Lebanese telecommunication network for ITT.
Welding/Fabrication Supervisor Zakhem International Construction L.T.D - Welding/Fabrication Supervisor: in Messla fields NB 48” pipeline project
- Tank welding supervising and also pipeline welding
- Test pieces welders
- Automatic welding operator
Fabrication Supervisor Teken Construction Location: Lebanon / Syria
Teken Construction Lebanon
- Fabrication Supervisor in the construction of a sugar factory ( Deir El Zour),
Teken Construction Syria
- Fabrication Supervisor in the construction of a cement factory in Siblyne (South Lebanon)
Welding/Fabrication Foreman Lahhoud Engineering S.A.L. - Welding/Fabrication the construction of one Cement Factory in Hamah, and one in Adra (Damascus)
Welder/ Fabricator Zakhem Engineering S.A.L - Welder/ Fabricator in Syria as fabricator/Welder in Homss Refineries Extension project.
Welder/ Fabricator CAT Engineering Trainee
- Welder/ Fabricator in the Construction of the new Amin Plant refinery Al Uthmaniya
Trainee as Fitter and Welder
Internship Selaata Chemical Factories (ESSO) / Chekka Cement Factories) (Stage) Trainee as Fitter and Welder at Selaata Chemical Factories (ESSO), and Various Extension projects of the cement factories in (Chekka Cement Factories)

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